About Us

Welcome to Shooters Ammunition a division of Shooters Precision Products.  Our ammunition features POLYMAXX™ Colored Polymer Jacketed Ammunition.  Our ammunition is proudly made in the USA.  We offer remanufactured ammunition with new ammo performance at a great price. POLYMAXX™ is a proprietary polymer coating that is heat-set to assure adherence to the bullets.   The bullets are sized after they are coated to a consistent diameter for improved accuracy and are safe to use in polygonal rifling.  These bullets are non-abrasive, prevent metal-on-metal contact in the barrel and eliminate lead and copper fouling of the bore.  POLYMAXX™ reduces heat and friction which increases the barrel life. POLYMAXX™ minimizes gun cleaning and lead contact. Our research has shown that there is no fouling of polymer.  It can simply be cleaned out with a cotton swab.

POLYMAXX™ Colored Polymer Jacketed Ammunition comes in five standard colors (Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Zombie Green & Pink).  You will also be able to choose your own customized bullet color over a certain order quantity.  All orders will be shipped out within 48 hours from our warehouse.  We offer free shipping within the contiguous USA on orders over $99.

We currently offer:

9mm – 125 Grain Round Nose

9mm-  147 Grain Round Nose Subsonic- perfect for suppressors

40 S&W – 180 Grain Flat Point

45 Auto – 230 Grain Round Nose

380 Auto – 95 Grain Round Nose

38 Special – 125 Grain Flat Point

Our remanufacturing process produces a like-new round at affordable prices.  Our custom loading machines assure S.A.A.M.I specifications for primer depth, powder charge, bullet seating depth and overall cartridge length. We use brass that has been inspected thoroughly for defects.  The brass has been washed and polished to look factory new.  We only use high quality components and the cleanest burning propellants available.